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Rise to the Occasion

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Rise to the Occasion

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Whyville. Whyville isn't a common word among every-day life. Normally people would ponder at such an odd, abstract name. Not me. Why? Because I am an individual. I am imperfect. I am different. I am hungry for learning. I rise to the occasion. I am Whyvillian.

Whyville teaches you more then just how to talk to people on the web safely. More than just learning how to act older than you really are. At least, that was never my notion. What I received from this site was something better than a thousand diamonds. Something much better than a million dollars. I learned how to be a kid.

Learning to be a kid, I believe, is the best part of life. Most people, take it for granted. "Lemme just get this over with. Homework. Teachers. Fights with friends. I don't want it." Don't you see? Being a kid is the best thing life has to offer you. And Whyville gave the little magic of learning how to be a kid. Yes I am a teenager, but Whyville still taught me to be a child at heart.

I noticed and enjoyed things. I received lessons in Whyville. I learned that lying and cheating is not the best answer. I learned that by giving personal things away, you can lose everything. I learned to notice things around me. I actually stopped and smelled the roses on my way home from school.

But how can a site teach you these things? The citizens of course! They made me laugh. They made me cry. They made me mad and happy at the same time. To me, that is everything about being a kid.

Whyville gave me more than I can ever thank them for.




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