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Escape the Drought

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I was so excited to open up The Whyville Times last week. I love to read what other Whyvillians have written and I also have an anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach, wondering if my latest piece has been accepted. But, I was disappointed. Not because I didn't find my article there. It is because there were only 15 articles; 1 Help, 7 Poems, 1 Creative Writing, 5 articles in People and 1 Hot Topics.

The Times has been experiencing a drought. It is not uncommon to only have fifteen, if not less that, articles. And at least half of them are poems, maybe a short story or two, every once in a while. One or two articles in People and one in Hot Topics. This is just sad. So sad.

I don't know what is causing this drought. Is it less committed Times Writers? Are there less of us, Times Writers? Are not many Whyvillians submitting to the Times? Do Whyvillians not know how to submit their articles to the Times? Is not quality work not being submitted? Does the Editor not accept as many articles? I don't know the answer to any of these questions. I wish I did, but my honest opinion is that it is a combination of all of these questions.

There is a certain joy that I get when I see my typed words on some place else, instead of my email. I am sure other Times Writers will agree with me, it's awesome. The responses to my words are even better. I feel on top of the world when someone else likes my words. I feel wonderful when someone gives a suggestion on how to make my words better then they are. That means they care about my words almost as much as I do. I hope other Whyvillians would want to experience this also.

There are countless articles and many places in the BBS to be able to post, asking how to submit to the Times. There are y-mail helpers also. There is no excuse to not be able to find out how to submit to the Times. In fact there is a section called, "General Times Questions" in the BBS, a place where Times Writers and other Whyvillians can answer questions about the Times.

I want to see the Times escape this drought and reintroduce sections that are often forgotten. Sections such as Rumor Mill and Why History. There is also a Politics section, which will be good for the upcoming presidential election. I know there are so many talented writers and poets on Whyville and I want to see their work in the Times. What do say Whyvillians, can we hit 20 articles for next week? 25 for the week after that?

Let's make the Times better!


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