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Juno moved forward in the tall grass. It had to be at least 90 degrees outside, and his body armor wasn't helping his cause. It has been 4 months since he was shipped off to go fight in World War III. The world was starving, and all the major countries of the world were fighting over the meager supply of oil, food, and land. Weather was out of control as well. Even though we managed to slow the process of global warming, we had still changed Earth's climate, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis were breaking the land up into chunks of sand and mud.

Even though the world was in chaos, Juno believed that they could dig their way out of the pit they had fallen into. He believed that the world was theirs to own, therefore theirs to take care of. Juno's father was a scientist, and only a few days before his death, he told Juno that he was close to a solution, but never told Juno what it was. However, locked away in his basement, lay the machine that could change the world.

Juno pulled his laser rifle up to his chest. He had been so close to completing the machine. But his father's dreams had been taken away, for just as he was finishing the engine, the national agency had broken down his door. They wanted him to serve another term. Now, when a force as serious as them tells you to do something, you do it, no questions asked. So now here he was, squatting in the mud in the middle of a field, hoping not to be seen.

There was a movement ahead. Juno got down on his knees, and put the scope on his rifle. It was quiet, even the insects nearby stopped chirping, and buzzing for a few moments. It's that kind of silence that gets on your nerves. It was so quiet, you could almost hear Juno's sweat dripping off of his forehead. Ahead, he saw more movement. Juno pulled out his electronic clicker, if the person ahead clicked back, then he was friendly. He clicked a few times, and waited several seconds. No response was heard through his earphones.

The movement was getting closer, worry filled Juno as he realized he never loaded a laser round into his gun. He only had a tranquilizer round. He would have one shot to stop whatever threatened him now. He put his rifle on the ground, and got into sniping position. The gun would not kill whoever lay ahead, but it would give them the sleep they've probably neglected for a long time. He found a clearing straight ahead, the person was bound to cross it on their way to them. When the grass moved, he instantly pulled the trigger.

A loud zap came from the gun . . .

Then a woman screamed as the tranquillizer instantly put her into a deep sleep . . .


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