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Don't Get Caught Up in Those Who Slip

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I've lost a friend. Actually, I've lost many friends. It's not like we've intended to slip away, to slowly both replace each other. It just sort of seems our friendship has came to a stopping point; it's not like we don't like each other or not.

I can't count the number of friends who has just slipped away, for both of us. Although I may have friends who come and go, I still have ones that have always been here. I can actually name quite a few friends, who haven't manged to slip away. I'm not going to say that they aren't ever going to, but they've been with me in the long run. We've had tons of fights, actually more then tons. But we've always been there for each other. No matter what, no matter how mad we could get we've always been there for each other. In a middle of a fight if something happened to one another no matter what happened we'd drop everything to be by each others sides. I mean, even in some seriously situations/fights.

I've felt pretty low lately, actually really low, but I've always had these friends. It didn't matter how many times I've been back-stabbed, I have THEM. They are all that matter. I love these friends more than life. Everybody has this kind of friend. It doesn't matter how many friends you have or how many slip away, it's all about those ones that are always there for you. So don't get caught up in those who slip, just remember about those ones whose always been there.


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