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Galaxies: Part 1

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A dose of wind shoots me in the back while I stare up at the stars and wonder if my life will ever be the same again. A life that my mother and father both succeeded in. I grab my bags in an arm load and stare one more time at the stars. Soon, I will be there. I will not step foot on my home planet for a while. I will miss the ground underneath my feet.

The headphones around my ears chant out my instructions.

"Good evening Captain. It's time to make your way into the ship."

I take a deep breath, and walk into the metallic shuttle. The doors automatically shut without any command. A tear bullets down my cheek as the countdown pounds on the speaker. My last ten seconds here.

I was expected to to follow in my parents' footsteps. That was the only reason I agreed to do this insane mission. I will fly past the Kuiper belt and explore another galaxy. I will travel to 7 different galaxies before returning home to my familiar areas.

There is sensation and fear inside of me as a I strap my seatbelt in. I can only see smoke out of the window ahead of me.

"Blast off!" The words rattle my bones. I tap the ignition button on the steering wheel. My grasp on the wheel tightens as I lift from the ground. I shut my eyes never wanting to open them again. I want the last thing I ever see to be my beautiful home planet.


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