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Live the Way You Want

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Live the Way You Want

Guest Writer

In my life, I am facing a lot of difficulties. Between my mom losing her job and my dad going out with a girl that I strongly dislike, my life just isn't going the way I planned. When I get really depressed, Whyville helps take me away from reality to a place where I can be whoever I want to be.

People in Whyville never have to see what you really look like. In fact, they aren't supposed to. You get to create what you look like so you can really be whoever you want to be.

I also feel safe in Whyville. There is a chat filter which controls which words I can and cannot say. And if I see someone acting wrongly, I can report them and know that my report will be looked at. That is why I feel safe in Whyville.

At my school there is a rule against using the computers to play games. But the teachers at my school allow us to play Whyville because it is educational. All the games to raise your salary have to do with education, so Whyville really is educational.

Whyville also teaches us about economy. We have to save our money to buy things if we want to look good. If we have no clams because we always spend them, than we have no money to make things, which will make us rich.

In addition to everything else, Whyville helps you get along with people. Since you talk to everyone, you want to be friends. And to become friends, you have to be nice to people, just like in real life.

In brief, Whyville is a place where you can live your life the way you want to live it. You can talk to people when you're feeling down, and they will probably help you out. You learn and become more responsible while you are having fun. Whyville has helped me with my entire life, taking me away from the harsh reality of things. And I'm sure it can and has helped many more.




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