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Glimmer's Death

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Leaping from rock to rock I stare at the slow trickle of water flowing down the tiny river bank. I stop and push back a few golden curls that fall in front of my face. With my bow and arrow at hand I scan the area for any signs of tributes. My eyes slowly surround the area until I meet Clove's eyes. She stares at me looking unimpressed. Her hazel eyes dart away and start focusing on something splashing about in the water. Then they all start running off - shouting, cackling and laughing.

Cato, Marvel, Clove and Peeta sprint into bushes calling for me.

"Glim' hurry up she's there and injured!" Clove screams at me then runs back after Cato. 'Who is it?' 'Who are they going after? Who's so good, so fantastic that it puts a different face on each one of them'

It hits me.

It's Katniss they're going after. The one we've been planning to hunt down and kill from the start of the games. I can't help but grin and make my way over to the rest.

"Where is she?" I question Marvel, positioning my arrow. "Up there! There she is! . . . You're not going anywhere Katniss!" He screeches staring up into a tree. "Get up there CATO. KILL HER!" Clove orders - giddy with excitement. "Are you sure you can get up their Cato?" I ask and plant a kiss on his cheek. "For good luck." He grins at me. I glance at the others: Marvel and Peeta raising their eyebrows and Clove . . . frowning at me.

Katniss stays perched on a high branch. She smirks.

"Are you coming up Cato? Oh it's so beautiful up here . . . seeing the arena and you." She clings to her upper thigh where a disgusting burn is. "Oh how pleasant. I might come and join you." He laughs.

We watch Cato clamber up the tree.


That's when he drops to the ground groaning. "Let me try." I sigh. Closing one eye I aim for her head - breathing slowly . . . in and out. I release the arrow that pierces its way through the tree.

"You might want to try again." Katniss laughs.

"Guys just wait her out. She has to come down some point. I mean she needs to eat." We stare at Peeta.

"Fine Loverboy . . . Start a fire."

Night dawns on us. The fire flickers warmly. No deaths today but we are promising the Gamemakers Katniss' death.

"Let's all get some sleep. She won't come down without us hearing." Cato booms.

He nestles himself in the leaves. I approach Cato and lie down beside him. "Night." I whisper. He just smiles.


I awake to a thud. Everyone jumps up alert.

"GET TO THE LAKE!" Screeches Marvel taking off into the bushes. I arise. Tracker jackers swarm in on us. I scream as I feel stings producing on my arms and legs. "HELP! HELP! CATO! HELP!"

I can feel the venom starting to travel through my veins. My body starts twitching and I fall to the ground.

"GLIMMER I'M SORRY!" Cato's voice sobs slowly fading into the trees. The tracker jackers attack my face. I lie on the ground screaming but paralyzed. The pain shoots through me. The feeling of a knife stabbing me multiply times is agonizing but I can't run from it. I lie, my breathing slowing. Each breath stings my chest. I focus on a tree that spins uncontrollably . . .

Then it slowly fades into nothing . . .


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