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Song Selectors: Week 1

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Have you ever been in the mood for a new song, but haven't been able to find one? Have you ever searched YouTube, Spotify or Pandora but just can't find something to satisfy your music cravings? Have you ever just needed something new? If you have answered yes to at least one of these questions, this series is for you. Welcome to "Song Selectors", where your peers - and even you - can share the music you love and discover the music you never knew existed.

This week, several willing participants have decided to share a song recommendation that they feel you readers may enjoy. The songs they selected range from new age to rock to pop to reggae, and if you are a lover of music, surely one of these songs will appeal to you.

Without further adieu, let me introduce the first song:

"Jungleland" by Bruce Springsteen
Recommended by: Doodle971
Genre: Rock
Similar artists/songs: Jeff Buckley

Jungleland is a song by popular rock 'n roll artist Bruce Springsteen, but this tune features many different instruments such as a piano and saxophone. The song is over nine minutes long and opens with a piano solo. The song later introduces vocals by Springsteen and a rock band. Other instruments also play and the song goes through different phases of intensity.

"I like how it starts out kind of soft with the piano. Then it gets sort of upbeat and going with the guitar," said Doodle971. "And for the majority of the song, it sounds like a piece of classical with the saxophone. Then the song slows down more and ends on a quiet note. It's awesome!"

"Caribbean Blue" by Enya
Recommended by: Vancyon
Genre: New World
Similar artists/songs: Loreena Mckennitt

If you are looking for a peaceful song, "Caribbean Blue" is a great choice. The song has beautiful, delicate vocals behind a relaxing beat. Synthesizers play throughout and Enya sings for the majority of the song's 4 minutes. This song is great for moments when you feel like listening to soothing music that is soft to the ears, or for simply chilling out and enjoying a piece of musical art.

"This song has many great aspects such as the lyrics, instruments, and music video," said Vancyon. "This is the ultimate relaxation song."

"Angel" by Shaggy
Recommended by: Wordbill
Genre: R&B
Similar artist/songs: Usher

"Angel" is one of those feel-good songs that you find yourself humming at random times. The sound is very catchy and upbeat, and the lyrics support a good message about appreciating others. The vocals include several harmonies in the chorus, and the verses are rapped in a laid-back fashion.

"I just like the message," said Wordbill. "If you like love songs, this song is for you,"

"Find the Courage" by Nick Tangorra
Recommended by: Mariet97
Genre: Pop
Similar artist/songs: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Greyson Chance

"Find the Courage" is a song located on YouTube that speaks about finding courage from bullies. The singer is a teen boy who battled bullies himself, and is speaking out about finding the strength to be stronger than bullies. The song includes vocals by Nick Tangorra and an acoustic guitar. There is some rapping featured in the verses, and there is a wide range of notes in the chorus. If you enjoy music by male pop singers, or are looking for a song with an inspiring message, make sure you check this song out!

"I recommend this song because it tells people to find the courage to stand up for bullies," said Mariet97. "I also enjoy the lyrics and vocals."

"1940" by The Submarines
Recommended by: Me
Genre: Reggae
Similar artist/songs: Bob Marley, Cassie Steele

To me, the beat of a song is extremely important, and in "1940", the beat is everything. The song in general has an awesome sound that features a reggae flavor with excellent female vocals. The lyrics are quirky and enjoyable, and the emotion that the singer has makes this song stand out, to me, as one of the best modern reggae songs out there.

That's all for this week! Hopefully you have found a song or two here that sound interesting to you. I am always looking for more recommendations to continue the series, so if there is a song you'd like to share, send me a y-mail and look for your recommendation in weeks to come.

Happy listening!


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