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An Entire Life Simulation!

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An Entire Life Simulation!

Guest Writer

Dear Reader,

Whyville is like an entire life simulation! With a bit more chat, of course. ;) Heh. And it's educational, too! By figuring out problems, you can get a salary of clams (fake dollars) each day, but you have to earn them! :) You can buy a house, buy furniture, buy blocks for your house, buy face parts like food and clothing, and do lots of educational games too!

If you think Whyville is a chat site with places that you can learn from, you're so right! And then you say to yourself, but my kids/myself won't want to do them... listen up bud, if you want clams, you have to play those educational games to get clams! And now you think, awww, I'm not going on this site anymore? Well, no offense, but they're easy as pie! Don't stress out! I'm only in grade 6 and I could do them in a snap! *Snap* Like that!

Whyville is the best site! Not really for chat, there's better stuff for that, but Whyville shows what the future will most likely hold, and how you go through social life with your friends, etc. And most important at the age I am, it's educational as heck! And don't think that you're too old to be on this site, 20 year olds have been on it!

Whyville has changed my life a lot; it's told me a lot about science and life itself! I know this sounds mostly like a brochure, but hey, who cares?

Hope I win,

Also hope I can donate more money to new Whyvillians,




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