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Festive Fall Fashion

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Yesterday officially marked the 1st day of Fall, one of my favorite seasons of the year. It's my favorite season of the year due to the fact that I have a reason to wear the boots lying in my closet for months on end, everything in pumpkin shape or form is available, as well as the endless discounts on coats and candy.

1. Oversized Sweaters

I've always loved the oversized sweaters that are added to stores during this time of the year. Nothing spells festive like immensely cozy, season-related sweaters like the one below:

You could probably find seasonal sweaters around the range of $20-30. This particular sweater (Fair Isle Sweater) is a new arrival at Forever 21 at the price of $24.80

2. Scarves, Scarves and more Scarves

The great thing about scarves, besides the comforting warmth in the colder months, is that they can make an average shirt look a lot more busy and decorated then it really is. You can already see snowflake enveloped and reindeer covered scarfs on sale right now. My personal favorite would be the Winter Hearts scarf shown below:

This can be found at Forever 21 for $9.99.

3. Boots Galore

Whether they're the large, meant for snow boots or the cute, for show boots, you'll definitely be seeing a lot of them in stores in the following month. While some are definitely pricy, there are always room for more reasonably priced faux-leather ones. Take for instance the boots below:

These can be found at Payless for $34.99.

Below I compiled a picture of my favorite items to wear in the fall:

I hope you all have a fun, enjoyable Fall. I'm off to do some more online clothes browsing for the colder months.


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