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Hello Whyvillians! It's been almost a year since I have written for the Times and it feels good to be back. Lately I have seen Whyvillians wear designs by Salsadolls, doodelle's, Queenmab or Ipeny's. One that caught my eye was Oopsdaisy. I was actually not familiar with her designs until I saw the New Arrivals in Akbar's, and I found her shirts to be creative and affordable. Therefore, I decided to interview her and to get to know her better.

Rbd1fan: What inspires you to create your designs?
Oopsdaisy: I like to make things that people wear and like. I like to look at people in real life, and I often base my designs of them. Of course, the design must be "Whyville compatible".

Rbd1fan: Do you have a favorite designer in Whyville?
Oopsdaisy: I like Kadkad (even though he remakes) and Queenmab.

Rbd1fan: What's your favorite design and why?
Oopsdaisy: I love my butterfly headband. I appreciate quality and originality. Plus it's super cute. There are others, but I don't have them . . .

Rbd1fan: How long does it take for you to design?
Oopsdaisy: It depends on the shirt. To make the body and shirt itself, I'd say . . . 30 minutes to an hour. For the print, typically about 15 minutes.

Rbd1fan: Any tips for any new designers?
Oopsdaisy: Do what you love, but only if you can. I would recommend starting simple, however. Maybe make a sign or nose or something. Get used to the format. On this account I started with hair, and they weren't very good (I bought them out so people can't see them anymore). Being an artist in real life helps for sure, but isn't necessarily required.

Rbd1fan: Are you currently in the process of designing new parts for the upcoming Halloween?
Oopsdaisy: Well I did design one part (a sign that says "BOO"). It isn't the best out there, for sure. I think I probably will design a shirt, it's just tricky to not be cliche. I'll have to check the costume aisle.

After the interview, we got the chance to chat in South Beach and it was a great experience; she's very friendly and honest. For those who may not be familiar with her designs, I decided to take some snapshots:

Shirt: I can show you the world
Price: 95 clams

This is actually my favorite shirt from all of them, just seeing the beautiful night sky and buildings remind me of my beloved city, Chicago!

Shirt: young and wild and free
Price: 95 clams

For those who don't want something so flashy, young, wild and free shirt may help. It has a lovely gray sweater with a white tank that looks great.

Shirt: A little birdie told me
Price: 95 clams

This shirt is so unique, I would not been able to design a cute little birdie in a shirt. Seeing the bird, reminds me of nature and a sense of tranquil.

- Well off to finish my homework

Author's Note: Oopsdaisy mentioned to me that she's not planning to restock her designs anytime soon. So 2 lucky winners can have the chance to win "I can show you the world" shirt, if you simply y-mail me, (subject line: Oopsdaisy) why you deserve the shirt in 2 sentences or more. I will announce the winners next week!


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