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Song Selectors: Week 3

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Hello to all the music listeners out there, and welcome back to "Song Selectors"! Last week five songs were chosen by readers like you and myself, and this week is no different - except the song choices, that is. For this week's edition, we will be dipping into the genres of contemporary pop, indie/folk, country, alternative rock, and dubstep.

Let's get started.

"Amber Waves" by Erin McCarley
Recommended by: Ikrlolomg
Genre: Contemporary Pop
Similar artists: Ingrid Michaelson

"Amber Waves" starts off slower with chimes playing and a slow bass, but it picks up once McCarley begins singing. The song becomes louder in the verses, and features a chorus with vocals and various other instruments. This song is a great choice for any listener of pop music.

"It has a really refreshing, hip beat that I like," said Ikrlolomg. "It's not like the classic auto-tuned pop stuff you hear on the radio. It sounds more natural."

"I Will Wait" by Mumford and Sons
Recommended by: Poppinx3
Genre: Indie/Folk
Similar artists: The Shins

Even if banjo music isn't your thing, you've gotta give Mumford and Sons a chance, and in what better way than with their current hit song? "I Will Wait" is a relaxing tune that, yes, has banjo music, but also features stellar vocals, meaningful lyrics, and other instruments such as drums. Beautiful harmonies and periods of soulful instrument solos complete this song and make it a great addition to any playlist.

"Mumford and Sons is definitely one of my favorite bands; all their music is so unique and well written," said Poppinx3. "This song really makes me feel happy every time I listen to it, and that's what I love about their music."

"D Ray White" by Hank Williams III
Recommended by: Banjomann
Genre: Country
Similar artists: Aaron Watson

Quoted from Banjomann:

"This is a song by the grandson of legendary country singer Hank Williams and son of Hank Williams Jr. This song is about one of the greatest mountain dancers of his time, Donald Ray White, and the infamous White family of Boone County, WV.

The song starts out with acoustic guitar accompanied by vocals and Dobro. About mid-ways through, the pace of the song picks up with the inclusion of fiddle and banjo. After another verse and chorus, the song fades out into the sound of tap dancing by none other than Jesco White.

I would recommend this and other songs by Hank III to anyone that needs a break from the apocalyptic state of today's country music."

"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day
Recommended by: Zicker
Genre: Alternative Rock
Similar Artists: Breathe Carolina

I can think of few bands that have been practicing for four decades and coming out with new, decent music for three[decades] like Green Day has. Their style of rock music that blends punk with alternative can be heard throughout their many albums, but in "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", Green Day takes a softer approach and focuses on telling a story. As the lyrics say, the song is about someone who feels alone in the world, and the instrumentation fits the overall mood of the song flawlessly.

"This is my favorite song," said Zicker. "It has such meaningful lyrics!"

"Crippled Camel" by Downlink
Recommended by: Me
Genre: Dubstep
Similar artists: DatsiK

If you thought Arabian music, dance music, and dubstep could never be blended, you have not heard "Crippled Camel"! Featuring violin, bass, and whatever-the-heck creates the dubsteppy sound, this song can appeal to a wide variety of listeners. It doesn't take much to get into this song and enjoy its unique Arabian flavor, and it continues to be one of my favorite dubstep songs through its four minutes and thirteen minutes of upbeat music.

That's all for this week! I'm always looking for more suggestions, so shoot me a y-mail if you'd like to see a song choice of your own featured!

Happy listening.


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