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Forward Momentum

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Forward Momentum

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Whyville is a unique website. Ever since I joined Whyville in early November, 2000, it has had a positive impact on my life. For example, I have learned a lot more about life in other cities from talking to different Whyvillians. Not only have I learned about life in cities a few miles away from me, but I have learned about cities in other countries. I think that it is important for my generation to learn about different cultures because if we don't learn now, we may never learn about them at all. If we don't learn about different ways of life we can never fully appreciate what we have.

Also, since joining Whyville I have learned a lot of interesting science facts. I learned about forward momentum, linear momentum, and angular momentum from reading the articles in the Whyville Times and playing the spin games. I also learned about wind resistance and rotational velocity. Not only have I learned about different types of momentum, but I have learned about the effects of gravity -- or the lack of it.

I like Whyville because there is always someone to talk to. If I have a problem and need advice I know that there will always be a kind Whyvillian to talk to and they are just a click away. That's really important for a teenage girl, because there are some things that are easier to discuss with people you don't know -- sometimes it makes you feel a LOT more comfortable. If I ever have a bad day or if I am in a bad mood I go on Whyville. As you know, it's not good to keep things bottled inside. It helps to "spill the beans" (so to speak) every once in a while. Whyville is a great website for kids and teenagers. It is fun and educational -- how many times can a teen say that about an educational website?! And that my friends is why I love Whyville.net!




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