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Creating Cards

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Creating cards is a fun way to show your family and friends that you care and a good outflow of imagination! You don't need lots of expensive decorations. All you need is a bit of creativity to make use of the materials you've got and willingness to put time and effort into your masterpiece.

Personalization: The first step is to think of who you are designing your card for. Is your best friend's birthday coming up? Or are you planning on giving your crush a nice little Valentine's surprise?

The occasion and the personality of the person can help you get ideas on what colors you should use and what things you should put on your card. If you don't know the person too well, it's okay to generalize. For instance, a grown lady might like roses and hearts. And a six-year-old girl might like pink fairies and princesses.

Girls may like a little more decoration and glitter. But mostly for boys or men it's best to try and keep it simple. Simple, stronger shaded colors are good with a non-over done design. All I did on the front of a card was glue on a picture of a penguin I found on the Internet and write a wacky pun and my guy-friend said it was the best card he'd ever been given. I knew his favorite color was green and his favorite animal penguins and took it from there.

Ideas: Think about what you want your card to look like. Think up a few different ideas. If you have any ideas that you think will be too hard for you to do or have a high chance of turning out bad try to neglect them and think of something simpler. Once you have an idea or two, try to start putting your card together.

Message: Now, you've designed the front cover of your card, what do you write inside? Plan out what you're going to write on a scrap piece of paper first. You can make it a long, meaningful, heartfelt message, a witty paragraph about how you're pleased the 20 year old has finally turned 200 or just a simple "Happy birthday, hope you have a great day." Try to be as neat as possible and if you have messy hand writing you can always type it and print it out. Don't be afraid to be creative here too, you can add anything you think looks good!


- If you're not a good drawer you can search on images how to draw whatever the thing is you want or trace over another image.
- It's okay to get messages or images from the Internet or from other places just remember not to claim that it was you who made it up (same rule applies to the above tip).
- Don't rush when making your card.
- If the card turns out bad you can always restart or try and fix any mistakes.
- Don't make a card for someone you don't like and aren't willing to put the effort in for.
- Stickers and glitter are cool just try not to go overboard.
- Make use of the materials you have available at home.
- If the person has a sense of humor you can make it funny.
- It really depends on the type of person but usually for boy's blues, greens and blacks are safe colors to use. And for girls lighter, softer colors.
- You can search up different card designs to get ideas.
- Have fun!

Once you're done you can admire your creation and look forward to seeing the reaction on the person's face when you give them their card. If it doesn't turn out how you were hoping don't be upset. If all else fails you can always just go out to the shop and buy a card.


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