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It is now officially Fall. There's a crisp in the air, the leaves are changing . . . it's perfect writing season! Here are the prompts for this week.

In Sickness and in Health

My husband called me today from work asking me to come pick him up. He said he was having severe back pain and needed to go to the hospital. Of course I raced over there and took him to the nearest hospital. The last time I had to take him to the ER his appendix had ruptured. This time I was afraid it was a kidney stone. After 5 hours they released him with some pretty serious medication, but no answer for the back pain.

Have you had a medical emergency or surgery? What was your experience? What advice can you give to fellow Whyvillians in case of an emergency?

Sunday Craft-day

I absolutely love doing crafts. But I always find myself walking around Michaels hopelessly uninspired. There are just so many different things you can do, how do you pick? Do you have a craft that you love to do? Share what inspires you and where you go to get your supplies. Take a picture of some of your best work! And of course, write a step-by-step instructional article on the perfect Sunday craft.

And the Emmy Goes To . . .

Tonight is the biggest night in Television! It is the annual Emmy Awards. Will you be watching? What is your favorite TV show or actor/actress? Do you agree with this year's winners or did someone get robbed? Write a review of your favorite TV show or research the history of the Emmys.

I'm off to snuggle under the blanket with my husband, giving him lots of love for his aching back!


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