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Kit Kat Stalker

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While the name may seem extremely bizarre and entirely random, the title is scarily true.

The Nestle Company in U.K plans on adding GPS devices into random versions of Kit Kat Bars. The purpose behind these trackers is to personally reward the finders cash (10,000 pounds = 16,000 dollars). As some like to refer it, "21st Century Willy Wonka Golden Ticket".

The way they plan on doing it, is by making it so you cannot tell the difference between a regular kit kat bar and one with a GPS placed inside it. When you open up the wrapper, the company will be notified.

I personally find candy tracking to be a tad creepy, but the monetary value to be definitely worth it. What a sight it would be to see Nestle perched outside my door with such a huge check.

I interviewed a few Whyville citizens on their take about this idea (DiMiniSh, Vancyon, kittieme, and xoxopeace):

Bibi4evr: How would you feel if chocolate bars (in this case Kit Kats) placed GPS devices into merchandise?

xoxopeace: Well I must say, it is quite an interesting concept, slightly strange and a bit creepy, but it makes me feel interested on how this will play out.
Vancyon: No, it's unacceptable. That's the equivalent of a tracking device. Kind of scares me to think that organizations might have access to my location just from buying a chocolate bar.
Kittieme: I would not mind since I know every candy bar is getting tracked. I can see some people thinking of it as an invasion of privacy, but I think it's a cute idea and like a modern day, "Willy Wonka". I'm all for this and don't mind the GPS part.
DiMiniSh: I think that'd be sort of creepy. Why would you place a pointless GPS into chocolate bars, and the GPS most likely cost a lot to make them that small and to fit, & then give away 16 grand.

Bibi4evr: Would a cash prize of around $16,000 make it acceptable to you? Why or why not?

xoxopeace: I am fairly neutral on this subject, but I can see how even with the cash prize people may find this unacceptable, probably because it is an invasion of privacy.
Vancyon: I'll take $16,000 over a breach of privacy any day.
Kittieme: Heck Yeah! I don't mind the GPS part in the first place, but the chance I could be getting moolah for buying candy bars is pretty cool.
DiMiniSh: I guess I'd like the money, but it's still pointless.

Bibi4evr: If you owned a franchising company, would you have no qualms about adding GPS devices into your products? Why or why not?

xoxopeace: If I had my own company I probably would not add gps devices to my products mostly because it would decrease the revenue, because there will be people who find this tactic unacceptable.
Vancyon: Well there's obvious setbacks: costs, prize, teams etc., but that goes along with any contest. I think it's a creative contest, so I wouldn't have any problems with it.
Kittieme: I think it's a little creepy to add GPS devices for no reason, but for the sake of the game I think it's a cute idea. If I felt like being creepy and started tracking all my merchandise, I would have to classify myself as odd, but if I was hosting a game like Nestle is, then I don't see why not.
DiMiniSh: I wouldn't ever do that. First off it's a chocolate bar, why would you want to put a GPS on it? Second that's plain out creepy as heck. Third it's a waste of time and money.

I'd like to personally thank all the interviewees and their quick replies, and feel free to share your take on this article. I hope you all have a sweet October, and maybe a lucky one of you in U.K finds a lucky kit kat when trick or treating.

Author's Note: Source: http://popsci.com/technology/article/2012-09/new-uk-candy-bar-campaign-hunts-down-chocolate-eaters-gps


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