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My favorite part of the school year would hands down be Homecoming which incorporates Spirit Week at my school.

What some people don't realize is the purpose behind the name. Homecoming is just that, when alumni and old members of the school/college come back to their home (meaning the school) and there are a handful of events to celebrate.

Every school has their own list of events for the week. Some traditions date back to when the school began, and others entirely new.

This year, the week schedule was as follows:

Monday - Retro Day (Movie Night)
Tuesday - Celebrity Day (Pageant)
Wednesday - Dynamic Duo (Anything Goes)
Thursday - Ultimate Maroon/White
Friday - Class Color Day (Pep Rally)
Saturday - (Homecoming Dance)

If you haven't heard of Anything Goes, at my school it is where the different classes gather around the softball field and throw things such as water balloons and etc. at each other and the last class standing wins. This event is one that I really look forward to during this week.

The great part of Homecoming at my school would be the fact that you have a week of no uniform as long as you dress for the day's theme. And I'm sure others of you who constantly have to wear a uniform can agree. It's definitely a time to dress to impress and show your spirit at school. While I participated in as many days as I could, next year as a Senior I'm definitely going to go out with a bang.

One pleasant surprise I encountered this year was our victory at the Homecoming football game. Considering the fact that we had yet to win a game this year, I was surprised to say the least. Winning the game definitely boosted the morale of the team, and school in general.

What I feel the most important aspect of Homecoming is to welcome the alumni with open arms and to definitely represent your school pride to all those watching. This in turn makes for a guaranteed success of any and all Homecoming events.

And, to celebrate the amazing 2012 Homecoming Week, Go Trojans!

I'd love to know how you guys celebrate Homecoming at your school so feel free to share the excitement.


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