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DIY: Halloween Costumes: Part 2

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Hello, everyone. I've put in some more consideration for this week on what costume I wanted to feature, and came up with the decision to do a group costume.

What I love about group costumes is that it adds a whole other level to uniqueness, not to mention you get to include family or friends into your costume set up. I have just as much fun watching groups/couples coming up to my door as the next person.

I've also decided to do an additional costume for this week and will increase the amount, as Halloween creeps closer.

This week's costumes will be:

Candy Gang


For those of you who have a hard time remembering, I have yet to watch the show, it was about a group of four bizarre toddlers promptly named for the televisions on their tummies. These four toddlers each had a specific color as well as antenna shape.

*For a group of 4 people*

Materials Needed:

- Purple Shirt/Dress (Tinky Winky)
- Green Shirt/Dress (Dipsy)
- Yellow Shirt/Dress (Laa-Laa)
- Red Shirt/Dress (Po)
- Tin Foil
- Spray Adhesive
- Headbands (match color of shirts)
- Pipe Cleaners (match color of shirts)

1. Cut out reasonably sized squares out of the tin foil that can be placed properly on your stomach and stick them to your shirt/dress with the spray adhesive.

2. Attach the pipe cleaners to the headbands and make the antennae shapes with the pipe cleaners matching your character. (Use the picture below as a reference)

If you have an additional friend/family member who wants to be in the group, you can add in the sun for the baby who is always in the show. You can do this by having them wear only yellow, and make sun rays using yellow felt material.

Candy Gang

This idea is always a treat for those of you who have a sweet tooth like me. Nothing says Halloween like over-sized Nerd's and M&M's walking around the neighborhood.

Materials Needed:

- Large Cardboard Boxes
- Craft Paper
- Scissors
- Paint (the more colors the better)

1. Cut out the bottom part of the box completely. This is where you would first put your head through when putting on the box.

2. Cut of holes for your head and arms. Make sure these holes will fit you, so you have no trouble putting it on and walking around.

3. Cover the box with craft paper matching the color of the candy/chocolate bar you would like to be.

4. Paint the logos or symbols that represent the candy you and your family/friends want to be.

Additional Tips:

- A good alternative for another group costume out of this, would be a group of different colored M&M's which is always cute.
- Handing out candy that matches your costume will add a whole other level of cuteness to your costume.

You couldn't possibly be more edible on Halloween with this kind of costume, unless you were actual candy yourself.

Quick Poll: Would you rather see me do individual costumes, or group costumes next week? Or a mixture of both? Y-mail me with your opinion.

I will see you all next week with some more Halloween Costumes.


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