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The Time of the Year

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This is the time of year when the candy comes out, the children laugh, and the zombies appear. Did I stutter? NO! The zombies come out here on Whyville! Here is a before and after picture of me . . . Zombie-fied!



How does this happen, you ask? Well, you go into a chat room. If there are brains around, pick it up! You will move very slowly. Once in a while, you will say, "Brains . . . Brains . . . Brains . . ." How do you stop being zombie-fied? Well, in the chat room, about every ten minutes, a moon pie will show up. If you pick it up, you will be cured! After all, who would want to? I brought MrCowboy, jordanew, and msprinkle to be interviewed!

thinmin12: Do you like being zombie-fied?

MrCowboy: Zombies are wicked, but we go slow.
Jordanew: I don't particularly like it. But really, it's not terrible. There doesn't seem to be much of a purpose to it, in my opinion, though. It is the same thing. You become a zombie, then you get cured. Sure, it's pathetic, but not absolutely horrible. I can cope.
msprinkle: I would love for the "zombie-fied" would stop. I mean I liked it, was cool but it got old fast. I sure hope it's only for a few days.

thinmin12: Would you want Whyville to be zombie free?

MrCowboy: Make la Zombies go fast instead of slower.
Jordanew: Yes. As much as anyone else would, I would guess. I don't find this whole zombie thing fun so it'd be nice if they were gone. I suppose I'd prefer it were zombie free, over-all.
msprinkle: Honestly, the whole zombie thing is annoying and I wouldn't want this to go all through October.

thinmin12: Do you think Whyville can do anything better than having people being zombie-fied?

MrCowboy: Faster zombies = HAPPY COWBOY.
Jordanew: I think it would be nice if we could have something in our settings to make it so we don't see whether we are being zombie-fied. I dunno, just a thought.
msprinkle: Yes, I believe they are capable of doing something much cooler. they should have a poll so we can vote at least we will have a say in what's going on in Whyville, after all we are the ones bringing in money for them, without us there is no Whyville.

Well, that's all folks! Have fun being zombie-fied!
Happy Halloween!



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