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This week's Whyvillian in the Spotlight is my best friend Mariet97 aka Marie.

She is my real life friend who saved my life. If it wasn't for her, I would be dead instead of being here thanking her. You see, I was fighting with a serious case of depression. I was thinking of committing suicide for a while due to being really sad. However, Marie convinced me saying things to cheer me up.

Even if Marie and I are not perfect, we try our hardest to hide our weirdness. We may fight from time to time, but our friendship will survive. I have wanted to tell Marie a lot of things. First, "Thanks," and "Our friendship will never break." I don't care what people may say, nothing will break our friendship!

Marie was also the one to convinced me to come on this site.

There is one thing I hope will make you smile: HAPPY ONE YEAR OF BEING BEST FRIENDS! Yep, we became friends on October 3rd (or 4th?).

Either way, I hope I will be able to say Happy 40th Friendship year just as your mom did last month with you godmother. Well, bye for now.

Author's Note: I am still better at math.


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