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Feline Fun: Personality Quiz

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I've always been a cat person at heart. It might have to do with the fact that I've had one too many unpleasant experiences with dogs, but I'd go with cats in the long run.

This series will feature things like fun facts, quizzes, and polls are pertaining to the topic at hand, cats!

This week's feature will be a quiz to show what type of cat you would be.

Keep in mind that I personally made this quiz by going over different breeds and their personality types in order to create questions. With that said, I wouldn't think too much into the results.

To find out what breed you are, post the answers along side the question number on the BBS thread for this article and I will show you your breed. This helps in making sure that your answers won't be affected by what cat you want.

In order to make the quiz short and to the point, I've selected these three breeds that you could possibly get: Siamese, Abyssinian, and the RagDoll.

Due to only having three breeds available, this limits the cat personality you would get considerably. So this is more like a fun, personality quiz to be taken lightly.

1. Where would you prefer to live:

A. House with few guests
B. House with many things going on
C. House where you don't need to go outside much

2. How would you react to strangers as a cat?

A. Stare at them cautiously, distant
B. Okay with them, but no cuddling allowed
C. Demand their attention, and will allow cuddling

3. How would you describe yourself personally?

A. Shy near new people, but lovable to those you know
B. Intelligent and Curious of those around you
C. Close to people, but strong dislike for being outdoors

4. How you would Meow?

A. Loud and Proud
B. Quiet but Charming
C. Quiet no if's, and's, or but's

5. Relationship with other People

A. I Demand Attention NOW
B. Keep close and leave me with my perch
C. You give me a little love, I'll give you a lot

I hope you all have enjoyed the mini quiz I put together, and I will see you next week with some more feline fun.


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