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Before this year as a Junior, my school days consisted of going to school on the bus, enduring the long day, and promptly leaving. There were no extracurriculars involved, and I enjoyed my spare time.

However, with the idea of college and scholarships in mind lately, I've realized this was no beneficial way to go through high school. What sets me apart from other students around the country? Definitely not my good grades, which aren't unattainable.

I had to come to terms with the fact that when it comes down to college applications, there would be little to nothing that makes me stand apart from any other students besides my grades, if even that.

Before this realization, I was pretty content with my daily schedule and my satisfactory 80 hours of community service to get me by. It definitely didn't continue to feel that way as I heard about students in my class, school, and county aiming for the hundreds.

These all being the reasons for my joining a new club at school (National Medical Honor Society). I felt like if I was going to be more involved, it should be in something that will aid me in the future. This newly reformed club was my answer, to say the least.

Now when people ask me what kind of extracurriculars I'm in, I don't feel lazy and ashamed when I reply with nothing. Instead, I feel a sense of gratitude when I reply with, "Editor of the quarterly newspaper in Medical Honor Society, and member of a Medical Outreach Program."

I wanted to share this story with you guys, so I can stress with you guys the importance of joining clubs/sports at your school, so that you don't wait until the last minute like me to lurk for activities. It surely looks a lot better on transcripts when you are in a club for four years instead of a measly two. And even if it's in the near or far future for some of you, these clubs will be the key to getting cords to wear at your graduation and you can bask in the moment with all of your fellow graduates.


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