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Seedlings to Success

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First of all, what do you define as success? Stop right here and take a moment to think about it. It could be something very small and simple or something huge. Think about it . . .

Okay, now you must be reading this at least a few seconds, minutes or even years in the future. Assuming you thought about it and didn't just continue reading you know what success is. This should be your own definition - your own meaning of success.

You now have what is called a dream! Imagine this dream as if it is a little seedling for some sort of plant. Abandon and ignore this seed for too long and it will wither away and die, losing any hope of ever growing taller. Accidentally stamp on the seed and your dream will be crushed forever.

Next step is to plan. Since you now have a vision of what you'd like the seed to grow up to be you need to determine how you will achieve this. How much water are you going to give your seedling each day? Where are you going to plant it? How much sunlight will it get? How much attention will you give it each day? What is the plan you need to follow to make this tree grow tall and strong?

Now it's time to act. Water and nourish your plant. Do the best you can to help it grow. Follow the plan you made - but allow for flexibility when necessary. Allow for the seed to evolve in new and different ways to how you first imagined. If any leaves turn brown pull them off immediately. Protect it from harsh weather. Admire and be happy for it each time it sprouts new leaves. The most important thing is to enjoy your time while growing this seed otherwise what's the point of growing it at all?

Final step is to believe. Have faith in your seed. Don't get discouraged and give up in times of drought. Love your seedling with all your heart. Hopefully one day it will grow into a big and beautiful tree.

Experience will be gained - even if the seedling doesn't grow properly. With this experience you can try and grow a brand new seed. You have now achieved success.

- Zicker

Author's Note: All my ideas for this sprouted from the quotes, "To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." by Anatole France. And, "Success is the small sum of efforts, repeated day in and day out." by Robert Collier.


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