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Book Review: The Power of Six

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Hello, Whyvillians! I'm back with another book this week! Remember a few months ago ago, when I gave you a review about the first book of the Lorien Legacies? Well, this week, I'll tell you about the second book to the series, "The Power of Six".

The story starts off by being narrated by a girl who is named Marina, which has been her name for eleven years. She lives in Spain in a Catholic orphanage for girls. The orphanage is named, "Santa Teresa." Marina is no ordinary girl, just as John (Number Four) is no ordinary boy. She, too, is from the planet, Lorien. She was sent to earth as a Gaurde, a guardian of Lorien, when she was a mere toddler. Marina is marked as Number Seven, as John is marked as Number Four. Nobody and nothing can purposely hurt her. If something tries to hurt her, the damage will inflict on the assailant. Since John is labeled Number Four, he may be murdered by Mogadorians, which are the aliens who took over Lorien after their homeland, Mogadore, started to die. But Marina can't be purposely harmed, for she is labeled as Number Seven. The Elders of Lorien casted Loric charms on the supposed 9 Gaurde. The charm was made to protect the Gaurde, only making it possible for a Mogadorian to kill them in order. Marina's Cepan is named Adelina. Adelina and Marina were poor when they were accepted into Santa Teresa. At Santa Teresa, Marina began developing her Legacies. She had Telekinesis and the ability to breathe under water. Later, she will develop an astounding new and surprising Legacy that not even I knew was coming. Marina discovers a secret, heartbreak, and pain as she ventures on being a Gaurde.

Throughout the story, the chapters are exchanged between Marina's and John's point-of-view. In John's point-of-view, he is now wanted for supposedly bombing the school that he once attended in Paradise, Ohio. He ventures out with his best friend, Sam, and Number Six. Together, they search for the remaining Gaurde. Throughout John's point-of-view, he discovers uncovered secrets, a stab in the back, and much, much, more. Read and visualize him on his fight for survival of both planets, Earth and Lorien.

This book is spectacular, like the first one is. On a scale of one to five, I would likely rate this book a 4.5. I only rate this book a 4.5 because at first, it kind of confused me how the chapters would switch from John's and Marina's point-of-view. This is a great read for someone who likes action, suspense, and a little hint of romance.

That's all for this time. I'll be back for the final installment.



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