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I was just going through previous articles this week, and came to the realization that the wonderful Kittieme had yet to receive an article in her honor. This was of course because she was too busy dedicating articles to everyone else.

I've known you since were both two goofballs having fun at South up to now where I consider you one of my closest Whyville friends. And you've certainly proved more than enough how valuable our friendship has been.

You're the one I go to when I need some article advice, or when I need an extra voice on a poll/interview knowing your replies will always be meaningful and accurate. You're also who I go to with my beyond joyous moments as well as my miserable ones.

When my little sister died in February and I got all those pitiful looks and apologizes, you were one of the few people who actually give me wise words of encouragement and support, and that is something I won't be quick to forget.

You've always been an active member of Whyville and help everyone to the best of your ability, which I admire you for. I can truly say I look forward to reading your comments on the BBS because they prove to be either serious and significant, or witty and humorous.

You have such amazing abilities as a writer that I am expecting to see you have some published work outside of Whyville in the future. I have yet to see a person who hasn't fallen in love with your articles immediately after reading them. And I definitely hope to be enriched with your writing in our future articles.

On a final note, I am so appreciative of the friendship we currently have and I'm certain it will continue to burgeon with the years to come.

Kittieme for Dictator 2012!!!


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