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Hi Whyvillians. I'm so happy to see some articles being submitted that have been inspired by my prompts. Believe it or not, it is actually really tough to come up with 3 new prompts every week. But I'll keep trying as long as you all keep writing!

I'm A Mac

Today I bought my third Mac. I also have an iPhone, iPod Mini and iPad. You might call me Mac obsessed. But it's what I know. I haven't used a PC in about 10 years and when my husband bought his new one a few weeks ago I was amazed at how much I've forgotten about Windows. My belief is that you prefer what you're used to. Because I am used to using an Apple, I can't imagine using a PC and the same (but opposite) is true for my husband. Are you a Mac or PC? Why do you prefer one or the other? What are the main differences, pros and cons of both?

In the Clear

I recently came across a new product line by Loreal that is doing wonders for my skin. It is actually designed for women who are a bit older than I am, but the Youth Code line is really great. The products smell great, feel smooth and have really made my skin look brighter and more even. I particular like the BB Cream and Day/Night lotion. Do you have a line of skin care that you really like? What kind of skin problems do you deal with and what have you found that works? What are the latest advances in skin care?

Run For It

As some of you know I have become very involved in fitness this year. I started a boot camp in January that I go to every morning for an hour before work. But the main thing I still struggle with is running. I can lift weights with the best of them, but when it comes to running I struggle. I've noticed lately that there seems to be a run every weekend for a difference cause. Perhaps I should start signing up for more so I can get better. Have you participated in any runs for a good cause? What's the longest distance you have run? Give some tips to your fellow Whyvillians for becoming a better runner (I sure could use some!)

Happy Writing!


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