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Jacki is someone who I would describe as eccentric, as well as loyal. She would definitely be someone to count on when it comes to things like advice, or even a pick me up.

Her crazy personality could certainly cheer up even the sourest of moods, this being said with personal experience. It's nearly impossible not to laugh at her humor, making it seem highly infectious.

Another amazing characteristic that Jacki possesses is her loyalty. She's proven to me a number of times of how she's willing to defend her friends to her upmost ability. And her great skills as a natural debater do come in handy at times like this.

I wouldn't even be able to describe a miniscule amount of her personality if I didn't mention her blunt honesty. There are no literally no sugar-coated adjectives present in Jacki's vocabulary, which is one trait I enjoy about her. I know if I need an honest opinion on hand, she's my go to girl.

While her honesty and immense loyalty to friends might not mesh well with a few, Jacki has befriended a countless amount of Whyvillians with those same traits, including myself. I can honestly say, Whyville wouldn't be nearly as entertaining without her sarcastic humor present on both the BBS and chat rooms.

When it comes down to it, Jacki is a dependable and highly entertaining individual that people should take the time to meet. Hopefully our own friendship carries on, and becomes that much stronger.


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