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Feline Fun: Feel-ine Frenzy

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If you can recall, last week I held a Picture Purrfect contest in which you had to identify the breeds of cats shown in the picture. Surprisingly, I had not one winner, but two. And the two lucky winners are: Splashiee and HotTrent1 who will both be receiving 100k.

This week, I decided to bring a new game to the table. If my horrible pun didn't already inform you, this week's game is Fill-In Frenzy. The objective is to fill in all the blanks and y-mail me the answers, and the first one to do so wins 100k.

Without further blabbing, here are the statements:

1. A group of cats are known as a/an _________.

2. A cat's brain is more biologically similar to a ________ than a dog's.

3. During the Spanish Inquisition, cars were condemned as evil and were burned. This inadvertently led to the explosion of rats during the ___________ (event in history).

4. The scientific name for a cat lover is ___________.

5. A feature missing on a cat's face, that humans have are _________.

6. Inventor of the car door was none other than _______________.

7. Name of the first cat in space was ____________.

8. A normal reaction for a happy cat is to ______ their eyes.

9. Every human has a different fingertip, while every cat has a different __________.

10. Another term for a female cat is __________.

The answers along with the winner will be featured in the next article. I wish you all luck on your quest to being 100k richer and more knowledgeable on everything cats.


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