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Welcome back, Whyvillians! I would like to introduce you to xXibemeXo who has been recently designing at Akbar's and has created a variation of items from headbands to eyes. She has been a member of Whyville since 2010 and has successfully put a magic touch in her designs. For those who may not be familiar with xXibemeXo, she is not a remaker or a bad designer. Her designs are original and have been inspired through Whyville designers and Aritzia.

Rbd1fan: How long have you been designing?
xXibemeXo: I've actually been designing since about 2 months I joined Whyville. My first design was called "Neon brace face" on my old account haha and it sure wasn't great . . .

Rbd1fan: What has been your favorite design you created?
xXibemeXo: I'd have to say my headband called "Aerochamber". Although it's been remade, I love how I shaded it and it seems a lot of people love it and wear it!

Rbd1fan: What has been the hardest design to create?
xXibemeXo: Definitely any of my hairs. I am absolutely awful at it and I found it super challenging.

Rbd1fan: Were you inspired from Whyville designers or real life?
xXibemeXo: I am definitely inspired by many Whyville designers and real life! I love designers like Salsadoll, Doodelle and my favorite kikiwiki5. In real life I'm definitely inspired by my favorite store Aritzia, all the clothes in there make me want to scream, haha.

Rbd1fan: Are you in the process of creating new parts?
xXibemeXo: Yes! I have a few shirts and eyes I'm doing.

Well there you go folks, keep an eye in the wew arrivals sections for upcoming designs from XibemeXo and thanks for reading.

Trick or treat,

Author's Note: I would like to thank xXibemeXo for being so patient!


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