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I pick up my iPod and my fingers instantly find his picture. I stare at it, studying his handsome smile and addictive eyes. My heart starts calling out his name, causing my soul to ache with pain. Pain that was nonexistent 6 days ago.

6 days ago, I knew his personality like the back of my hand. I could name off very aspect of his as if I was pointing out the indents of my skin. Kindness was the deepest indent, growing deeper by the minute. Happiness was close behind, becoming bigger as each curl of his lips.

6 days, I could tell his life story as if it was floating in the blood rivers flowing between my cold body and warm soul. Every year of his life swam within me. I felt the same feelings as each story had entered into my conscious.

6 days ago, I could gaze into his emeralds and know the words he desperately wished he could taste on his lips. I could smile, continuing our conversation with just us to know.

6 days ago, he wasn't on another universe while walking next to me. I couldn't let any thought of mine escape my lips without a thought provoking exchange. I learned so much about happiness from a boy with no more experience than myself.

5 days ago was when life slapped our faces in the bitter cold. For the first time in years we didn't say much to each other. I had a sparkle of envy in my eye, watching a country beauty bat her eyelashes and casually touch him after school that day. 'How dare she! He is mine,' was all I could mold into words of my thoughts. He wasn't my boyfriend, but he is my best friend. I hated the way she could flutter her eyelids a mile a minute. I despised each time her fingers found a way to casually touch his arm. He had the unusual absence of golden paradise from his eyes.

5 days ago, he texted things about us that I never imagined. He talked about how great the friendship we shared was, only to share what he believed was true; we grew apart. He wanted to talk about it. I told him, "Not tonight."

4 days ago, it is like the day before never happened. No words of "Let's talk." The worries of losing him entered into my mind.

3 days ago was as if two days ago didn't happen. The thinking of that I am beginning to lost him started.

2 days ago was a typical day in the life of us before five days ago. The feeling of losing him started.

Yesterday the pain of starting to lose him sunk deep into my soul, covering every inch of me. My mind called his name. My fingers ached for his. My feelings screamed his name. My eyes itched to lay themselves on him. My ears listened for his laugh. My nose longed to fill up with the scent of his cologne.

He is slipping through my fingers.

I can't stop him.


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