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We Are People

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What is wrong with us? We are people, not immature wild animals. We were born and raised to not only respect everyone, but to judge no man. Yet many ignore these lessons and do the exact opposite by ruining the lives of many. No person should be treated like this. Though every person is entitled to their own opinion, judging another for no solid reason is pointless. As people, we are equals. As equals, how can one judge? I may be speechless overall, but my mind produces so many endless thoughts about this strictly disgusting thing we call bullying. And all I can really do for those who are victims of bullying is hold up a stop sign at the end of the seemingly endless road.

Each day, hundreds, if not thousands of teens have the strong desire to stay at home from school due to bullying. Each year, so many innocent people have attempted to commit suicide, just because of a disrespectful mouth. Many have said that it was because that the bully was just jealous of the victim because of what they had. Many have said that their jealousy ended up as insults, which soon led to the serious case of bullying I so deeply despise. But seriously? I am not only a victim of bullying, but I know many who experienced it themselves, too.

I personally think that bullying was started off as a joke, nothing more. But since nobody truly enjoys corny jokes nowadays, it gets old and annoying. It'll soon end up as drama every person oh-so-despises, which will then lead up to the constant insults. The constant insults don't hurt at first . . . but since they're heard when you least expect it, you become convinced. Every little dirty word coming out from the bully's mouth starts to hit you mentally and you just give up.

I gave up.

I remember how I cried so much. The words that were aimed at me penetrating my mind with knives, overwhelming my senses as a human. I remember how I just wanted to die, how I wanted to not be here no more. And nobody really knew about what I thought because of how much it looked like I never cared. It was strong lies that ended up being a mask to hide my pain.

Then I started to think to myself, why should I just end my life? I have so much ahead of me. I have a future that waits for my presence. I have a life to live.

That's when it stopped, the bullying I mean. It wasn't a miracle, but I wished it was. The bully directed their gaze at another, calling out their flaws. I was always the coward. I would always just sit there and talk to my friends, trying to ignore the person. I always regretted what I did.

That's the process, I guess. Some bullies get tired of their victim and bug a different person, whereas different bullies keep digging and digging until the victim bursts.

I hate it so much. I hate seeing people get hurt. I try and help, I really do . . . but it never works. Once the bully has their grip on you, you have no choice but to believe in what they say. You can't run away, you never can. Because what they say about you always gets you thinking, "Is it true?".

*Scoff* I remember when teachers talked about bullying and ways they could stop it. They wanted you to tell them if you were being bullied, and then they'd get the bully to stop. If they didn't stop, they'd get suspended or something. That was another thing I truly hated. Bullying cannot be stopped unless the bully wants it to stop. The bully has the say unless the victim steps up to the plate. Most don't, but some do. I mean, sure, being away from the bully is okay. But there's always that feeling of hesitation you get when you're away from the bully.

Trust me, there is.

What I'm trying to say is that bullying is one of the most disgraceful things to be on this planet. We are all people, therefore we are all equals. Despite one's personality and their characteristics as an individual, we are all the same. We are unique human beings who have different perspectives on life, thus having different opinions for things. But who cares? Nobody is perfect, even if someone thinks they are. We have flaws we refuse to accept and insecurities that kill.

Bullying must stop, but I know for a fact that it never will. As I said, the bully wears the pants during the whole catastrophe. But what some brave victims do (and what I never truly did) is step up to the plate and pants them.

Author's Note: RANT FINISHED. That felt amazing to write, and now my opinion will be seen why those who read my article. I know others have different ways of seeing bullying, but this is how I felt and still feel about bullying. And, sorry for the awkward finish.


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