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Katniss's Child

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My fingernails slowly ran down my stomach till it reached the tip of my belly button. I grinned staring down at my bulging stomach holding life within it. Peeta smiled, gingerly bending over to brush a few messy strands away from my eyes.

It was a matter of time when my baby girl would be born and soon Peeta and I would become parents. I could feel her. Stirring inside of me . I was consumed with terror that felt as old as life itself.

My surroundings were dull, dark grey. A metal door locked shut was only a few meters away. I could feel Haymitch was staring through the window - only he could see through. Imagining in my mind; I could just hear with a faint voice Haymitch saying'You can do it sweetheart, You can do it'

But I wasn't sure if I could do it, take this massive responsibility that Peeta has eagerly been preparing for. The room started to burn, sweat soon started trickling down my temples. My heart started thudding ; it was going to leap out of my skin. I gasped trying to suck in any air that I could ; but it was as if the earth had taken away all the air and had thrown it away. In blurry vision I saw Haymitch come through the metal doors giving a slight kiss on my cheek.

"Good luck sweat heart"

Was it time?

Was my baby ready to come into this cruel world?


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