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The Spirits of Halloween Awaken

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Oh my! It seems like time is just whizzing by. Halloween is just around the corner! I already see many Whyvillians preparing their avatars with pumpkins, spider webs, and even costumes! As you can tell from my costume of a Death Eater from the Harry Potter series that I'm pretty excited about Halloween, myself. So I was just curious to see what some Whyvillians are doing to celebrate such a spooky event, if they celebrate it. If they don't, it's fine. People may not celebrate Halloween due to their religion, culture, and such.

First, I interviewed Tessssss. She is a good friend of mine and I was curious on how she's preparing for the eerie day approaching.

HotTrent1: Do you celebrate Halloween?
Tessssss: I do.
HotTrent1: What will you be doing on Whyville, and in real life, to celebrate?
Tessssss: I'm thinking I'll attend some Halloween parties on here and buy a costume. I'm going trick-or-treating around my neighborhood in real life with a few friends in our costumes too.
HotTrent1: Do you have any post-Halloween plans after you go trick-or-treating?
Tessssss: Basically just pigging out on all the candy I get.
HotTrent1: That sounds really good! That's what I usually do, besides haunted hayrides and such. Thanks for taking the time for this interview!

Then, I interviewed bibi4evr. I recently reviewed her articles (see article 13179 and 13188) about Halloween costumes.

HotTrent1: From what I can gather from your Whyville avatar, I assume that you celebrate Halloween. Are my assumptions correct?
bibi4evr: Technically I'm not supposed to, but I don't discriminate when it comes to eating candy!
HotTrent1: If you don't mind, why are you not supposed to celebrate Halloween?
bibi4evr: It's against my religion.
HotTrent1: So you just hand candy to children, and then some for yourself?
bibi4evr: Pretty much. As soon as the trick-or-treaters stop coming, my hand is glued to the candy bowl.
HotTrent1: Do you like to watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, or anything of that nature?
bibi4evr: I absolutely hate scary movies. It always ends in me scared to look at a mirror or some other ridiculous thing for a period of time. I will however go to haunted houses with friends, because more times then not, they aren't really scream worthy.
HotTrent1: I remember last year, I went to a haunted house ran by a school where the delinquent children go. You can only imagine how scary that could be. My cousin was crying half of the time, and my mom had her eyes closed half of the walk. Good times! Are you planning on doing anything else?
bibi4evr: Probably trading and getting candy with my friends at school the day after, that's always something to look forward to.
HotTrent1: That sounds pretty cool! Thanks for taking the time for this interview!

After bibi4evr's interview, I sent a quick little Y-Mail to see if my friend, cathris, was up for an interview.

HotTrent1: Do you celebrate Halloween?
cathris: I sit at home in my pajamas while my mom passes out candy, if that counts.
HotTrent1: Yes that counts, I guess. Well, you kinda answered half of my next question, but I'll just shoot it all at you anyways! What will you be doing on Whyville, and in real life, to celebrate?
cathris: On Whyville, I was planning to be a witch, and perhaps I'll have some Halloween related stuff when I get some free time. In real life, I'm hoping to be Katniss, if I can convince someone to braid my hair! And I'm hoping to make some pumpkin muffins!
HotTrent1: So are you going trick-or-treating?
cathris: We have an in-school trick-or-treating that I'll probably participate in, but other than that, no.
HotTrent1: That sounds cool! My school doesn't do anything with Halloween. Do you have any post-Halloween plans after you trick-or-treat?
cathris: Just eating all the candy!
HotTrent1: Sounds delicious! Do you expect to have a good Halloween, or a bad one?
cathris: Probably boring, like all the rest.
HotTrent1: That stinks. Well, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed!
cathris: You're welcome!

My final interview is with TroubIes, who asked to be interviewed.

HotTrent1: Do you celebrate Halloween?
TroubIes: Yes
HotTrent1: What will you be doing on Whyville, and in real life, to celebrate?
TroubIes: I'm taking out my nephew, who is a baby, out trick or treating.
HotTrent1: That's nice! So you aren't going to be trick-or-treating, yourself?
TroubIes: No, I'm wearing a small costume, but not something big.
HotTrent1: I see. So are you going to go to a Haunted House, see scary movies, or anything in that nature?
Troubies: Not really, I'm rather faint of the heart, so I'll be taking out my nephew and handing out candy most likely.
HotTrent1: Darn! Those types of activities are so much fun! Well, good luck with your little nephew, and thank you for taking the time to get interviewed!
TroubIes: You're welcome!

There you have it! Many people are getting ready to celebrate this spine-tingling day. So, Whyvillians, what will you do to celebrate Halloween?


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