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Starting High School

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We all know that going into high school is a big step in our lives. Your hand is being let go and you become more responsible for your actions, grades, and extracurricular activities. And if you're like me, you'll want to attend college.

First, you're going need to learn on how to be picked on for being a freshman. My school doesn't really have that problem, but my science teacher was telling me about a high school in North Carolina that actually goes out and watch freshmen get rolled down a steep hill IN A TRASH CAN. Harsh, much? I really hope that none of you have a school that crazy. Anyways, you need to learn how to cope with being a freshman. People may call you names, or say comments like, "Look at those stupid little freshmen," but if you're like me, you can easily brush that off of your shoulders. If not, you may want to talk to some friends about it, maybe plot a little revenge? Haha, I'm kidding. Revenge is never the answer. Well, that's what my parents tell me. But yeah, you shouldn't have too much of a problem being a freshman. The "bullying" is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Now let's review some things that are more beneficial in high school.

Your grades become more important than when they were in middle school and elementary school. I'm not saying that your grades in middle and elementary school are not important, because I know from experience that they are! They determine the types of classes that you'll be taking in the next grade such as honors, or regular classes. As for me? I'm in all honors and advanced classes. In middle school, those types of classes weren't so difficult. But as I go on in high school, I have come to realize that high school honors classes mean business! You have a ton of homework and tests before you know it! Believe me, these tests are something that you need to study in order to maintain a good grade. Pretty much everything you do in high school becomes permanent. Colleges like to look at your grades to see if you will help them look good academically. You could get scholarship offers from colleges, too! So, you know, no pressure at all!

Another thing that you would want to look into is your extracurricular activities outside of school. Do you play in sports? Are you active in community service? These things not only give you things to do, but they can look amazing in college applications when you apply in your senior year. At my high school, you have to have fifty hours total in community service before you can graduate high school. That isn't a problem for me! I am currently in one very active club, and I already have ten hours and counting, and it's only just ending the first semester! Next year, I'll be joining a few more clubs. Start thinking about it before

Sports are a good way to become popular in high school, but colleges aren't looking for popularity when they look at your application. I plan on playing tennis this spring because I've been growing quite fond of the sport for a few years, now. Sports can be a good way to get scholarships from colleges that are big on the sport that you play. Remember, you don't want to attend too many, or you won't be able to fit any of your academic studies, which is a definite negative! Just remember that you need to practice, practice, practice! (But not too hard)

In middle school, you may have been all "big and bad", and got into fights and suspended. High school is not the place for that! I've never been suspended, or even gotten detention! I guess I'm a little goody two-shoes in school. But if you get into a fight, you'll probably end up getting suspended, which goes on your permanent record. Colleges are not looking for bad kids! They want more civil students entering their universities. Think about that before you want to fight someone over a girl, or a Facebook status.

So, Whyvillians, how are YOU going to spend your high school experience?

HotTrent1, signing out!


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