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Art is a beautiful thing and people crave to observe it, so why not be able to share it? I think that the Whyville Times should have an art section. It would be a nice addition. Basically, every week 25 - 30 pieces of art could be accepted and be posted in an article or "gallery", displaying the artist and name of the piece as well.

I have included possible guidelines, reasons why this would be a good idea, and a possible "reward" we can receive.

It would open up an opportunity for other Whyvillians to feature their work in the Times. I'm sure many people would love to be in the Times, but what if you're not a great writer? An art submission would be an alternative option for them and their work could be proudly displayed for others.

People could practice their drawing and painting skills. Perhaps people will say, "Hey! I wanna submit my artwork too!" and practice every week to be able to get into the Times.

People can observe the art displayed and use the ideas to draw or paint something themselves. Some people are great artists, but they just need some inspiration! People could look at what others entered and use the concepts and ideas to try and enter something themselves.

Of course, there are many other reasons, but we need to move along!

Of course, our lovely gallery would need some guidelines and prompts! Here's a few ideas:

1. No pictures of drugs, cigarettes, profanity, and offensive pictures may be entered.
2. You may not trace artwork found on the Internet, or something someone else drew. Be creative!
3. You may NEVER enter something that is NOT yours. That is considered stealing or plagiarism and is not okay.
4. Please attempt to enter only 2 - 3 pieces a week; otherwise, it would take too long to look through everything!
5. Drawings can be scanned on a scanner or photographed and uploaded to a computer. Paintings are best photographed.
6. The following pieces may be entered: paintings, drawings, sketches, digital art, photographs, and so on.
7. Please do not submit photos of yourself; it could be a safety hazard.
8. Send your work to times@whyville.net in the following format: username, name of submission, type of artwork

One last thing; wouldn't it be nice if we got rewards if our artwork got displayed, sort of like how Times Writers are called Senior Writers and such?

Well, maybe we could get a nifty paintbrush facepart after a certain amount of pieces are accepted. For example, if 30 of your submissions are accepted, you could get a little paintbrush award (maybe animated or something?) to put on your avatar, sort of like your medals.

Well, I guess that's it for now! Hopefully this will become possible in the near future. Be sure to reply on the BBS some ideas and feedback on this idea!



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