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How you doing up there, Lex?
It's getting harder to accept
It pains me as the years go by
The fact there's no real reason why
Such a sad, awful thing has its place
In making tears stream down my face
Some say it's weird I still talk to you
After all the grief you put me through
Yeah, yeah I know it's not your fault
Your life reached such a bitter halt
I just get angry sometimes, you know
At how time seems to race and go
Far faster than I could ever hope
As through the years I grieve and cope
Man, I just miss your little face
And your little dresses complete with lace
Your pretty room, your pretty hair
Your gleaming eyes and skin so fair
All of it seems to real to be gone
Thrown in a box - it's just so wrong
Gah, life's so unfair to you
I wonder what you would have grown into
A beautiful girl, there's no doubt of it
With a big, smart mind and matching wit
Honey, there's no doubt of it
There's really just no doubt of it
I just wish I could see you now
I don't care why I don't care how
I just miss you. I miss you a lot
Your death's a bitter, tragic thought
I just can't believe its been nine years
Nine years of lonely, wistful tears


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