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Planet Calentine

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I walk towards my favorite place of Planet Calentine, the Greenland. The Greenland is a large field that is the only place in Planet Calentine that resembles to Earth's geography. I pick a fruit and peel the red skin. When I lived on Earth I volunteered once a week to plant gardens. I was good at it, until the wars began. Everything was frenetic. Before the wars, I was training to become an astronaut. I loved meeting astronomers. The work was interesting. Everything was going great until the USA announced they were sending 800,000 men and women to fight in Asia. Apparently, people from Asia were planning a terrorist attack against us. Africa, Australia, and Europe got together to move away from the blood bath of Asia to Antarctica. They all got hypothermia and froze to death with empty bellies. North America bombed Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa with the deadliest nuclear bombs, not knowing that their population had already died off. So even if we wanted to move back to those three continents, we can't. South America hasn't bothered helping out North America. They are both two solitary continents.

Greed is one of the reasons these wars began. It wasn't President Obama's fault that these wars began. The government's Top-Secret jobs should take the blame. People who have more power than the president caused these wars. There are the people who study extra-terrestrial beings, even though nobody knows about them. I wasn't sure myself until the day I came to Planet Calentine. NASA works for these people. I'm sure they would risk three continents to find out whether or not there is life on a different planet.

It was a sunny day in June, and I was getting ready for another dull astronomer class, two months after the war. I put on a short sleeve orange shirt and khakis. My combat boots were dark brown. I combed my hair back into a pony tail. I drove to my college. Inside my class, I was sure there wasn't anyone absent. "Nichelle, take your seat. In three minute we're going on a tour of NASA headquarters. Only a few of you are going, since not everyone here wants to work there later in their life," said my teacher, Mr.Linelton, wearily. I was puzzled on why he sounded nervous even though we were just going on a tour. It wasn't until we got into NASA headquarters and the security guards bolted the doors shut that I realized why Mr. Linelton sounded nervous. They wanted us to do a task for them, the same way they wanted 800,000 people to do a task for them, and only one thousand came back. A feeling in my stomach told me we weren't here for just a tour.


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