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Are you wondering when a good book will come along? Something you are interested in or that you just can't put down. Now, I know some people want a list of books ready for them to buy/borrow and read over the weekends or holidays. So I have whipped up a Book Reviews article, not books that I have read but books that Whyvillian's have! (Though I do recommend both of these!)

XxFUZZxXx: What is one book that you have read that you fell in love with, and why?

GypsyBoi: "Clockwork Heart" by Dru Pagliassotti. This book introduced me to the steampunk genre, and it's also at the top of my list for having a clear and concise narrative style. The setting was simply amazing.
Mariet97: One book I read and fell in love with was "The Hunger Games". This book had adventure, a little romance, and a ton of excitement.

XxFUZZxXx: Give us a description of the main characters.

GypsyBoi: We have Taya, the heroine, who lives in Ondinium as a metal-winged messenger who can fly freely into the separated castes of the city. She's exceedingly brave and independent but has a few insecurities which make her a personable character. Then there is Cristof and Alister, two brothers, who are absolute polar opposites. Cristof is mildly reclusive and prefers to tinker with gadgetry and clocks. Meanwhile, Alister fully embraces his wealthy bloodlines and is a tad prideful.
Mariet97: Katniss has ,long black hair which she wears in a single braid down her back, olive skin, and grey eyes. She lives with her Mom and her sister Primrose. Peeta is the baker's son. He's a tribute from Katniss's district.

XxFUZZxXx: Can you give us a small review of the book?

GypsyBoi: Despite Dru Pagliassotti's meandering and devotion to the setting rather than the characters and their development, we're still whisked away into another world entirely - a very exciting world. Certain aspects of the book, like the clockwork engine, or "heart," that keeps the city alive, are so very creative that you can't help but enjoy the story. The narrative style makes learning the world very easy and, still, you can admire some of the mildly poetic descriptions. Pagliassotti has a gift when it comes to imagery. If you're not reading for the story, you're reading for the stunning backdrop.
Mariet97: The Hunger Games is when kids fight to the death, surviving all odds in an arena which is planned out by Gamemakers (people who organize/control the games). Two kids from the ages of 12-18 from the 12 District are selected at a Reaping to honor their district. Their the tributes fight to their death until a lone victor remains . . .

XxFUZZxXx: What makes the book so interesting?

GypsyBoi: I would have to say all of the subgenres that Pagliassoti has managed to include. "Clockwork Heart" isn't a mere steampunk novel, it's a concoction of just about everything. If you like mystery or romance, you're sure to find some. Also, I admire how for once an author has emphasized what it is to be a heroine, a truly heroic female with an independent state of mind. It's more than just a title in this book. Taya is a likable character and her life-situation makes for an interesting tale.
Mariet97: This book is interesting because there's drama, action, and romance.

XxFUZZxXx: Why do you recommend this book to people?

GypsyBoi: I'm a critic more than I am a reader. I don't enjoy many of the stories I read because more often than not, I'm picking up on errors. "Clockwork Heart" isn't perfect, but the setting and protagonist was so intriguing that I actually found myself enjoying the story. Steampunk in itself is something you just "have" to try, so why not start here?
Mariet97: I recommend this book because it's a page turner and exciting.

Thanks GypsyBoi and Mariet97! I do recommend "The Hunger Games" as well. It's so thrilling and exciting. I literally read the trilogy within 1-2weeks! Well I'm off to read "Clockwork Heart"! Give a go at reading these two books and see if you like them.

Here are the books:

Happy Reading!


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