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2012 Halloween Party

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Finally the Halloween Party arrived at Whyville. Many Whyvillians had been patiently waiting for the day. On October 27, Whyvillians dressed up their avatars either spooky or cute. It has been a tradition that Whyville honors Halloween by creating a celebration that includes a haunted house, costume contest and a graveyard. This year, Whyville added a new feature to the party.

Similar to past years, in order to access to the haunted house, Whyvillians had to say the secret code. What was the secret code? It was Evarg (grave in backwards). It was already 2pm why-time and the party has not started. People were enthusiastic to begin the celebration and could not wait any longer. Five minutes had passed and yet no luck. People were beginning to wonder if the party was going to be cancelled or if it was a prank by Whville.

At last, after multiple times of typing Evarg, I had finally accessed to the haunted house at 2:06 pm. The majority of Whyvillians were still at Dr. Leila's trying to get entry at the haunted house.

This year Whyville added a new feature to the Halloween party. I present to you: The Witching Well. This well had a variety of unscramble words such as pokemon, Edgar Allan Poe, amygdala and starburst. They had categories like candy, fear, monsters and Halloween.

In order to get an unscramble word, one had to say "toss creepy" rather than a coin. These "creepy" came in different styles, some of them were a ghost, Frankenstein, witch head and much more. It was fun trying to unscramble words and getting free projectiles as the prize. I enjoyed this new feature and it was a great way to celebrate Halloween.

I would also like to congratulate the costume contest winners!



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