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How To Enhance Your Natural Beauty

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Walk into a beauty shop and you'll find lotions and potions claiming to make you beautiful. Models everywhere; in magazines, posters, Ads, TV, bombarding you with 'this is how you should look' images. A little make-up can sometimes enhance natural beauty but hordes and hordes of fancy colored mascaras and glitter glopped eyes are anything but natural.

Time to turn off your TV, shut your model magazines and let your natural self-shine. In this article there are some nifty tricks and tips to help. Let's begin:

Drink Plenty of Water: Water helps to wash out your pores and significantly decrease pimples. Around 8-glasses of water a day is good but the amount you need varies for different people.

Healthy Eating Habits: Healthy eating habits. It's okay to have the occasionally packet of chips or takeaway dinner but eating too much junk food too often will just clog up your pores (aka more pimples) and make you feel lazy. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (aim for 2 fruits and 5 vegies). Not getting enough nutrients can put bags under your eyes.

Thin: Starving yourself is not a safe option. There's no sense in going on a diet if you are already a healthy weight. Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast makes it harder for you to burn weight during the day, slows you down and just makes you hungrier and wanting to eat more later on. Lunch can be somewhere in the middle. Dinner can be smaller since you're not going to burn as much fat sleeping.

Skin and Hair Care: Moisturize your skin and shampoo your hair when needed. Cleanse your face or apply pimple-remover cream before and after bed every day. Trim your hair when necessary to avoid split ends. Heat can badly damage your hair - avoid using a hair dryer or straightener without protection. Let your natural hair shine and skin glow, take good care of skin and hair.

What to Wear: Fashion is something I can't help you with. You would cringe at some of my style selections. What's important is what you want to wear. Wear something that compliments your body figure, is comfortable and you are confident in.

Exercise: Exercise helps with emotional health too, helping dull the ache of depression and making sleep come easier. Happiness promoting endorphins are released into your brain during exercise. Exercise roughly for about 30-60 minutes daily. If you have an exercise routine, try to constantly change it or mix it around so you don't get bored. Try to make exercising fun. Playing a game of basketball is fun, riding a scooter is fun, enjoying the scenery while having a jog is fun - try to keep exercise fun so you will look forward to it. Burst that energy, burn those calories and raise that spirit.

For Boys: Girls don't care as much about how 'ripped' you are as you think but jumping (and hitting the ground lightly) as well as swimming can apparently make you taller. Crunches and cardio can harden stomach muscles. Weights and lifting strengthen shoulder and arm muscles. Do a little bit of hard-core, ripper abs work a day and you will have all you need to survive . . . a zombie attack.

Beauty Sleep: Sleep can help with depression and bag-removal as well. Like water intake, the amount of sleep you need differs for each person but on average a teenager will need eight or nine hours each night. Night, night, snore away sleeping beauty.

Smile: Ching, Ching! Won't smiling brighten up your picture? "The most beautiful curve on a woman's body is her smile." Smiling lights up your eyes and mind; deepening your spirit.

Beauty Beholder: Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? Realize that beauty is only skin deep.

Now that all those 'beautiful' models on the TV, in magazines and all over the place have effectively been shut out it's time to step outside and rock your beautiful, natural self!

Author's Note: Sources: http://www.wikihow.com/Look-Naturally-Beautiful

And on the 'For Boys' section some of that information was given to me by my taekwondo instructor.


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