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That Turning Point

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As long as I can remember, Math has always been the subject that trips me up. And this has been true ever since I got to the stage in math where variables and all sort of other paraphernalia were placed in. On my report card, it's always the one class where I get a B, shattering what would have been straight A's.

And the only feasible reason I even have a B is due to the fact that I always do the homework, regardless if I understand it or not. I'm pretty much forced into completing the homework so that the score counteracts my hideous test scores.

This year, I was placed in an AICE Pre-Calculus class. For those who aren't familiar with AICE, it is a program set up by Cambridge University and it's basically an AP-level class. And me, being the horrible math student I am, tried to switch out to an Honors level class, to no avail. The only period I could get into without rearranging my schedule was full.

So I forced myself to stay in the class, and instead just work to the best of my capability. I didn't do so well on the 1st chapter which was a recap of Algebra 2, and it was the same result for Chapter 2.

This week, we skipped on over to Trigonometry, and I was definitely surprised by the outcome. I actually comprehend it, to the point that I actually look forward to the homework. I suspect that it had something to do with all the math being in friendly triangles and circles, which aided me visually.

And with this chapter, we had to retain everything we learned in Algebra 2 and Geometry, and when I was using the concepts for triangle and circles, I actually understood why we did what we did in my math classes all those years.

It was certainly a clicking point for me, math wise at least. This year (as short as it was) helped me tremendously when it came to math skills I never clearly understood. I no longer cringe at the sight of radicals or fractions, and instead open my arms invitingly.

And on a final note, to those who constantly struggle in math like I do, be patient and wait it out. Some people understand math quicker than others. I've known people who find that clicking point in college when the math is actually relevant to their majors.

And you can always ask your current math teacher for help when you don't comprehend something (I know that helped me to some degree).

I wish you all luck with that complex subject known as math, as well as in all your other classes.


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