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Kapow! Have you ever watched in awe as someone's foot snapped through a wooden board? Did they look like a martial arts machine - full of power and strength; destroying anything in their path? If you had observed more closely, looked passed the impassive face and ignored the belt tied around their waist you would find what used to be a world of fear, pain and doubt.

A martial art pushes you to the absolute maximum. It's a struggle to force yourself to erase every doubt from your mind, build up courage, and believe. Martial Arts make you stronger: physically, emotionally and most importantly-mentally. They are good way to build fitness, self-improvement and have fun.

I've interviewed AsterMay and fairypup2 about what doing a martial art means to them!

Zicker: What martial art do you do and how long have you been doing it for?

AsterMay: I've been doing traditional karate for almost three years though I have been on hiatus for a while now.
fairypup2: I've been practicing Taekwondo for about six or seven years.

Zicker: What do you do in this martial art and what is your favorite thing about it?

AsterMay: Karate means "empty hands" meaning you learn to defend yourself using only your body. My favorite thing about karate is the empowerment you feel knowing you have the capability of protecting yourself and others.
fairypup2: I do several things. Sparring, forms, performances, weapons, etc. My favorite is either forms or performances because that's what I'm the best at. I'm not good at fighting. Plus I very much dislike it. Haha.

Zicker: Why did you choose to do a martial art and what made you continue?

AsterMay: I chose to do karate because in the third grade, I got beat up and I was tired of feeling helpless and vulnerable. I continued to do karate because, to me, it was not only a way to defend myself; it was a stress reliever and a form or self-expression.

Zicker: Have you found participating in a martial art has benefited you, how?

AsterMay: From karate I have learned the importance of patience, practice, leadership and humility. It teaches you morals and lessons that you can carry on throughout your life. I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities. It's also a great way to get in shape and stay active.
fairypup2: Yes, most definitely. Not only has the practice itself influenced me to be more patient, respectful, hard-working and perseverant, but so have the people that I've trained with and trained under. In fact, one of my college essays was about my Taekwondo instructor and how he's impacted my life. Pretty serious chiz there, eh?

Zicker: Would you recommend participating in a martial art to others, why?

Fairypup2: I would most certainly recommend martial arts to others. Not only is it pretty cool to do, but it changes you in ways you otherwise would not have changed-for the better. Martial arts discipline you in a way no other sport does.

A big thank you to AsterMay and Fairypup2 for being in my interview!

Author's Note: Good luck to fairypup2 for when you go for your second Dan black belt!


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