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How To: Whyville Outfit YouTube Videos

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Hey guys! I'm memechloe! In this article I am going to show you how to make great Whyville outfit YouTube videos. A few years ago, I started making Whyville videos and I wanted to share my experience with you!

First of all, what is a Whyville outfit YouTube video? It is simply a video created for YouTube that shows people creating a Whyville look. It is recorded and put on YouTube to share looks. If you want to start/already have started making these videos and want them to be great then carry on reading!


When recording your outfit, you will need to download a screen recorder. DO NOT use a normal camera and hold it to the screen. Chances are that it will become unclear or shaky. You want a good quality screen recorder.


Seriously, no one is fussed what kind out outfit you do. Just do the kind of thing you would normally do. For example, if you are really girly on Whyville, don't feel like you have to change what you wear to get good views. People will love your outfits no matter your style.

Video content:

In your video, you will want to have a little introduction. Most people use notepad or word and type things up while recording, things like, "Hey my name is (your name/whyville name). Today I am going to show you a new look for your avatar." Something like that. It will give your viewers a good welcoming to your video.

In your video, you want to be prepared. You need to know what look you are going to do and how you will do this. I understand that it will take a while to find all of your parts. In the video, you are more than likely to have long gaps where you are looking for a certain part. All you need to do is edit the video. You just need to cut out the long pauses and you can easily do this on Windows Movie Maker. You can choose either you have a bar saying the parts you used or not. Most people prefer it if you do but it's your choice! When putting on your parts, make sure they are in a accurate place. For example have your eyes, nose and mouth lined up. It makes your whole video look unattractive if you don't.

At the end just say something on the lines of, "Thanks for watching and hope you liked it! Y-mail me - (whyville name) or comment below."

Getting views:

When you start making your videos, you will notice you wont get very many views. You just need to keep creating your fabulous videos and you will get seen. It can take from 5- 50 videos to become popular.


There are some nasty people out there! If you do get a men comment on your video, simply ignore it! All they want to do is make you feel bad. It is probably because they are jealous! Don't listen to those mean people!

I really hoped this has helped a little bit! If there are any questions or more information you need just Y-mail me!

Chloe x

Author's Note: All of my information is purely based on experience!


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