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Sleep Deprivation: Part 1

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These past two weeks in my Psychology class, we've been focusing on the states of consciousness. This segment incorporated sleep and dreams and all the factors that affect the two.

We all took the questionnaire below, and our class result was everyone was sleep deprived, with me being an exception. The reason for this outcome us due to my stubbornness to stay up to do homework.

The results showed just how many how many people could be sleep-deprived and not even realize it. This led to my making this two-part article. This first part will only be the questionnaire, and the second part will focus on factors and preventions.

Answer the statements below with a True or False. If the statement doesn't apply to you, leave it blank and move on.

1. I need an alarm clock in order to wake up at the appropriate time.
2. It's a struggle for me to get out of bed in the morning.
3. Weekday mornings I hit the snooze bar several times to get more sleep.
4. I feel tired, irritable, and stressed out during the week.
5. I have trouble concentrating and remembering.
6. I feel slow with critical thinking, problem solving, and being creative.
7. I often fall asleep watching TV.
8. I often fall asleep in boring meetings, lectures, or in warm rooms.
9. I often fall asleep after heavy meals.
10. I often fall sleep while relaxing after dinner.
11. I often fall asleep within five minutes of getting into bed.
12. I often feel drowsy while driving.
13. I often sleep extra hours on weekends.
14. I often need a nap to get through the day.
15. I have dark circles under my eyes.

If you answered True for 3 or more of the statements, you are most likely sleep deprived. This could be caused due to a number of factors that you've never even realized.

Stay tuned for next week when I go into detail on some of the bizarre reasons why you aren't getting enough sleep.

Author's Note: Survey was created by James Maas and all credit goes to him.


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