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Recently, I found myself at the Trading Post trying to bargain with many people. I tried to get the best deals I could on rares. Sadly, it didn't go to well. I wasn't sure how well I could do on talking them down on prices. I've never really liked the word "rares". Now don't get me wrong, I've got a few of my own. But sometimes I wish that Whyville wasn't geared around it.

If you go to the For Sale/Wanted section at the BBS you can see that it's filled with tons of selling posts. It's full of different rares, designers, and outrageous prices! Everyone is crazy over these things called rares. Every chat room I go I hear "Omg! Are you selling you're hair? Is that a Steltrain hair?" It's crazy how people memorize the names of rares, and prices.

I once got caught up in rares. Everywhere I went in Whyville I was trying to sell something. I tried to make as many clams as I could. I was clam crazy. I did everything I could to get clams. I was obsessed with these things called clams, on a virtual site!

I recently took a couple months break from Whyville. I came back and I have all of these rares that mean nothing to me. Before I quit they were like precious little jewels to me. Same with my clams, they don't mean a thing to me. It's just fake clothes and fake money on a online virtual site.

Everywhere I look I see a bunch of little Mini Mes. People at chat rooms selling a bunch of things because they're trying to reach 100k or more. I see many posts on the BBS, and many other places.

I just want you all to do me a favor. Try not to obsess over an online site. Trust me, it's really easy to do. It's fun, too! I'm not asking you to completely give up selling your rares, and your many clams. Just remember, this is a site. There are many other satisfying things to do in life. Most importantly, I want the older Whyville back. When coming on only meant seeing my friends to me. Not to get fake money.

~ Yours truly, Yumed


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