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For me, doodling has proven to be an inevitable feature of school. Whether it's printouts or house plans, any blank space will be covered within minutes. These doodles all share a common theme behind them that look a lot similar to what my mom doodled when she was younger.

She took her doodling to the next level and went into the art of henna. For those who aren't familiar with henna, it's basically a temporary tattoo that is normally found on the body's extremities (arms and feet).

In my family, it's tradition to do it on holidays and I can easily remember the many years of blissfulness coming from my mom's elaborate designs on my arm. With my current doodling, a newfound appreciation for the art came into view.

I've been practicing with the henna, and it's a lot harder then my mom makes it out to be. But then again, if it was as easy as I thought, more people would be into it instead of asking my mom to do it for them. I would show you a sample of something that I've done but they are currently too embarrassing to show, so I will instead show you a sample of something that my mom did for my best friend's sister.

Hopefully, I'll be able to reach that level soon once I get used to the idea of drawing with a large cone full of a soft substance.


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