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Feline Fun: Behind the Cat Door

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Last week, I hosted a game of "Cat Jeopardy" where you had to answer all the statements in a question format.

Before I announce the winner, I'd like to say how amazed I was with all the responses I got. There were 20+ ymails, which is twice as many participants than in a majority of the contests thus far. So a big thank you to all those who participated.

The first person to reply and give me all the answers in a question format was the awkward christmas tree, Vancyon who replied 10 minutes after the Times came out. He will be receiving 100k for his speedy efforts.

This week's game, I'm going to put a twist on the game Deal or No Deal and instead of having cases held by women, we have self-supporting cat doors. Another difference that cannot not be fixed is that I am not quite as handsome as Howie Mandel, but we shall manage.

In this game, you will select one of 26 cat doors and that will be the only cat door you can choose. The clams in these cases can range from 1 clam-50k, so everyone is a winner. Once a door is chosen, no one else will be able to select it. The tricky part is that you have no way of knowing if a door has already been selected and you only get one pick, so choose well.

The prizes will add up to a sum of 100k and all the bigger prize will be announced next week. I wish you all the best of luck, and may you choose the right cat door.

Author's Note: For creative purposes, imagine the red boxes above are cat doors.


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