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Getting To Know Your Brain: Left or Right?

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Imagine drawing a long sword and splitting the Earth in half. You would be left with two sides; right and left. Now imagine drawing your sword again and splitting a human brain in half (Kids: DON'T try this at home). You would now also have two sides; the left side of the human brain and the right side of the human brain.

Psychologists believe there are two sides to every brain. Their theory is that each side of the brain controls different functions, hence different styles of thinking. Psychologists also believe that a lot of people tend to be more dominant on one side of their brain as opposed to the other.

The right side of the brain is associated with creativity and emotional thinking. Right-brained thinkers are known to have better intuition and are better at reading the emotions of others. On the other hand (or brain) the left side is associated with reasoning, logic and analytical thinking. Left-brained thinkers are said to be better with language, numbers and cold hard facts.

Which One Am I?

Chances are you could even be both if you believe you have an equal amount of characteristics associated with each side of the brain. Most people are a mixture of each but tend but lean closer to one side rather than the other. The more characteristics you have on one brain side the more dominant that side may be. Think carefully about the personality traits listed below, which of them apply to you?

Some traits a right-brained dominant person may have are:

- Creativity
- Imagination
- Often sees the 'bigger picture'
- Finds symbols and images easier to understand
- Gets the meaning of new contexts
- Enjoys finding meaning behind the simplest of things
- Appreciates loved ones
- Dreams of a fantasy world
- Believes in things easily
- Takes risks
- Curious
- Loses track of time easily
- Thinks 'outside the box'
- Enjoys expressing themselves

Some traits a left-brained dominant person may have are:

- Responds better to solid facts
- Uses logic, words and language
- Works well with numbers
- Can grasp and understand new contexts
- Forms practical strategies
- Acknowledges loved ones
- Sticks to reality
- Prefers a logical order
- Detail orientated
- Manages time well
- Organized
- Likes rules and regulations
- Controls feelings

Why Should I Know?

Not only is it nice to know which side of your brain is dominant it also is a good way to realize how you learn. Right-brained thinkers tend to be better visual and kinesthetic learners. Left-brained thinkers tend to be better audio learners and absorb information easier through ways of language.

Does it really matter?

Although discovering which side your brain is most dominant can help you realize your strengths and weaknesses it does not mean you cannot succeed in endeavors involving the other side of your brain. Left-brained people can be just as creative as right-brained people; just in a different way. In this same way right-brained people can be just as organized and interpret facts as left-brainers by using a different style. Regardless of which side of your brain is stronger all people need to work hard to improve both their stronger and weaker abilities.

Knowing your dominant brain side can help you understand how to master your strengths and weaknesses. Do you believe in this theory: that the right side of your brain really does control all creative thinking whereas the left controls logical thinking? Which side of your brain is dominant; right or left?

Left, right or any other direction: Don't stop thinking,


Author's Note: If you would like to take a quiz or a quick illusion test to discover if you are left or right brained follow the blue links in this website:


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