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Was it All a Lie?

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Guys have always been my best friends. Girls are just full of drama, and everything you do seems to be spread around in rumors, being twisted and changed. Recently, one of my best guy friends have been hanging out a lot! I hate to admit it, but I became really close to him. I started to have the smallest crush on him. I slowly became really obsessive. I stalked his Facebook, we were texting twenty four-seven, and we were constantly hanging out.

I started to take him to a lot of my school events. I really liked him, but I wanted to take this slow. He was still my best friend, and if I told him I liked him it might have ruined my friendship. After a couple of more get together, I told him. He told me he really liked me, too! I was so happy. I was really nervous that it was going to ruin our friendship, but it didn't. It made it stronger.

My school was going to the zoo and I wanted to bring him along. It was a really fun night with him, other than the fact that he was constantly flirting with my best friend. My friend kept telling him to go walk with me and hold my hand, but he just wouldn't budge. On the way home he realized I was really upset over it and he apologized over and over. He was so apologetic about it and I liked that. I forgave him without any fights or anything.

The following week we had a event for the lighting of our Christmas tree in town. We went together, and it was the best night ever. We held hands and walked through the streets. I thought it was the most romantic thing ever. The next day he told me that it couldn't happen again, though. I couldn't understand. He said he had an amazing night that night. Did I say something wrong? Turns out, he had had a girlfriend for the past month. I was mortified. He told me he was really sorry, and that he really liked me but he liked his current girlfriend more. I told him it was okay, I understood.

Two days later I got a text from him, saying he was really upset. His girlfriend broke up with him. Deep down I was happy, this was my chance! Me and him went to another school event together. It was an amazing time, other than the fact that he still was flirting with my friend! Why couldn't he just notice me, and not her? The next day at school my friends told me to ask him out, so I did. I hate making the first move, but maybe if I did he'd stop flirting with my friend.

When I asked him out I was sure he'd tell me yes. He said he really liked me, so he HAD to say yes. For sure. I was wrong, though . . . He told me that he liked my best friend. Our friendship ended, he took me off of his friends list on Facebook, stopped following me on Instagram, and he avoided me whenever he saw me. I texted him and told him I was sorry.

I recently found myself texting him telling him I was sorry, could we please text again. Then I realized . . . Why am I sorry? I did nothing wrong. He cheated, he flirted with multiple girls, and he lied to me so many times. In all of this, I apologized, and moved on. He kept doing the same things over and over. He knew he could get away with it. I wonder why I apologized . . . Maybe I was blinded. Blinded by love.


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