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Think Before You Speak

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Every person on this planet has gone through hardships. Every person has felt fear, and embarrassment. Every person has regrets. Believe it or not, you and the person you last talked to are more alike than you think. Everyone has something in common, so why alienate others?

Treating someone like an outcast, or being ignorant to others' disabilities hurts. You may not realize it, but those little jokes or comments may hurt that person way more than you might have thought it would. Those kinds of comments keep re playing over and over in your head, and some times they get the best of you.

Think before you speak. I know you've heard that before, but don't discount it. It's so true. Everything you say can effect another person. We have to be responsible, and be aware of our words. I know it's hard to do that all the time, but here's some examples of things you can do:

1. Give random people you know compliments. You never know,it might make their day.

2. Try to treat others kindly,because it can become a repetitive vicious cycle of negative reactions if you don't. They can take it out on others.

Now, I know we can't help everyone and we have to be realistic, but believe me: Sometimes,the littlest things count the most.

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